At The Board -January 27, 2015











? The Granite City Senior High School CEO (Creating Educational Opportunities) class addressed the Board in public comment to give them an update on the progress of this new program.


? Member Hagnauer addressed the Board regarding her visits to GCSD #9 schools and the positive impact the teachers are having with our students and keeping them engaged in learning.


? Approved the Minutes of the Regular Meeting of the Board of Education Held on January 13, 2015.


? Approved The Following Consent Agenda Items:


? Treasurer’s Report




1. Treasurer’s Report from December 2014 (743 &a)



? Bill List




1. Bill List from January 22, 2015 (744)



? Requests from Various Organizations (730)




1. Calvary Life Church


2. Use of Facilities


3. Madison County Transition Planning Committee


4. Granite City Steel Credit Union


5. Applied Scholastics Learning Center


6. Alfresco Productions



? Retirements and Resignations:




Name Position Reason Effective


Janice Janek Teacher/CJHS Retirement End of 18-19 School Yr


Paula Hubbard Director of Special Ed Retirement June 30, 2019



? Approved the following leaves of absence:




Name Position Reason Effective


Joshua Anderson English/High School Paternity Leave 3/12/2015 – 3/18/2015


(pending delivery date)



? Accepted the following extra-curricular resignations at the conclusion of the 2014-2015 school year:




Name Position


Justin Warren Assistant Girls’ Volleyball Coach/High School



? Approved the following extra-curricular recommendations for Fall 2014-2015 coaches:




Football Boys’ Soccer



Carl Luehmann – Head Coach Kenny Jackson – Head Coach


Freddie Layne Barry Grote


Brad Hasquin Mark Jones


Justin Williamson


Jake Janek


Joe Saucier


Ted Wallace





Girls’ Golf Boys’ Golf



Karen Greenwald – Head Coach Jeff Ridenour – Head Coach



Girls’ Volleyball Girls’ Tennis



Ginger Harrison – Head Coach Linda Ames – Head Coach


Emily Beck





Cross Country



Richie Skirball – Head Coach


Steve Roustio



? Approved the following amended policies:




2:140 Communications To and From the Board


2:140 E Exhibit Guidance for Board Member Communications Including Email Use


2:250 E2 Exhibit Immediately Available District Public Records and Web Posted Reports and Records


4:10 Fiscal and Business Management


4:45 AP2 Administrative Procedure Local Debt Recovery Program Implementation Procedures (NEW)


4:45 E1 Exhibit Cover Page Documenting the Process to Seek Offset From the Illinois Office or the Comptroller


4:45 E2 Exhibit Notice of Claim and Intent to Seek Debt Recovery Challenge and Response to Challenge


4:45 Insufficient Fund Checks and Debt Recovery


4:110 Transportation


4:120 AP Administrative Procedure Food Services Competitive Foods


4:120 Food Services


4:130 Free and Reduced Price Food Services


4:150 Facility Management and Building Programs


5:10 Equal Employment Opportunity and Minority Recruitment


5:30 AP1 Administrative Procedure Interview Questions


5:130 Responsibilities Concerning Internal Information


5:185 AP Administrative Procedure Resource Guide for Family and Medical Leave


5:185 Family and Medical Leave


5:220 Substitute Teachers


5:250 Leaves of Absence


6:20 School Year Calendar and Day


6:60 Curriculum Content


6:110 Programs for Student at Risk of Academic Failure and or Dropping out of School and Graduation Incentive Programs


6:280 AP Administrative Procedure Evaluating and Reporting Student Achievement


6:280 Grading and Promotion


6:300 E2 Exhibit State Law and Graduation Requirements


6:300 Graduation Requirements


6:310 High School Credit for Non-District Experiences Course Substitutions Re-Entering Students


6:340 Student Testing and Assessment Program


7:50 AP Administrative Procedure School Admissions and Student Transfers to and From Non District Schools


7:50 School Admissions and Student Transfers to and From Non District Schools


7:100 Health Eye and Dental Examinations Immunizations and Exclusion of Students


7:220 AP Administrative Procedure Electronic Recordings on School Buses


7:220 Bus Conduct


7:270 Administering Medicines to Students


7:270 AP1 Administrative Procedure Dispensing Medication


7:270 AP2 Administrative Procedure Checklist for District Supply of Undesignated Epinephrine Auto Injectors


7:270 E Exhibit School Medication Authorization Form



? Approved the following Certified and Classified substitutes for the 2014-2015 school year:







Joann Eck, Joe Saucier, Brandon Owens, Chrystal Baker, Lisa Purdy






Steven Mayes, Linda Murray, Donnie O’Brian, Tiffany Bayer, Amanda Asbeck



? Approved to enter into an agreement with Ronald McDonald Care Mobile Eye Care Charity of Mid-America for low-income individuals who cannot obtain vision care services elsewhere.


? Approved the disposal of choral equipment stored at Grigsby Intermediate School which are no longer necessary and pose a possible danger in use.


? Approved the following hearing officers for the 2014-2015 school year:




Pete Novacich


Barbara Vrabec



? Approved the following changes proposed by the District Curriculum Committee:


GCHS Special Ed Department: Due to the changes in the regular education offerings, the department wants to update their course offering to include the following:


? Create "Basic Technology Essentials" as required freshman class to replace "Career Pathways". (1 hour – 0.5 credits – for 9th graders)




GCHS Secondary Honors Program Guidelines:



? The Secondary Honors Advisory Council reviewed the program guidelines and recommended changes to clarify language and to align with the new junior high structure.




Curriculum Proposal Template:



? Create a template for future curriculum proposals to provide consistency and guide research when changes are considered.




GC Business Foundry



? This group proposed three pilot reading programs to offer a community of volunteers to support reading and learning for our students. The District Curriculum Committee endorses and recommends these pilot programs for the spring semester with the intent to review the effectiveness of each. After the pilot period, the programs would be evaluated to determine ongoing implementation. GC Breakfast Club (target grades 3 – 8), The Reading Café (target grades 9 – 12), and GC Readers (target grades K-2).


? Approved the request by the District Construction Committee to dedicate remaining bond funds to renovations at Granite City Senior High School cafeteria.


? Reviewed the District Activity Fund Statements for November 2014.


? Approved the Executive Session Minutes of the Regular Meeting of the Board of Education Held on January 13, 2015.


Posted Date:1/28/2015