"At The Board" May 12, 2015











? Vice-President, Meghan Daily, presented a certificate to GCHS Senior Melanie Joyce for being selected as the "2015 St. Louis Post Dispatch’s Scholar Athlete".


? Recognized the following 2015 Young Author winners:


Kindergarten: Frohardt- Landon Harris, Grade 1: Wilson- Charlie Bremer, Grade 2: Maryville- Matthew Taylor, Grade 3: Maryville- Jayden Ashford, Grade 4: Mitchell- Katie Wolf, Grade 5: Grigsby- Lexi Kunz, Grigsby- Ryan Eudy, Grade 6: Grigsby- Destiny Burkett, Grade 7: Coolidge- Nathan Merz, Coolidge- Rachael Anderson


? Approved the Minutes of the Special Meeting of the Board of Education held on May 5, 2015.


? Approved the following consent agenda items:


? Bill List




1. Bill List from May 6, 2015; (827 & B1-B49)



? Bids




1. Painting Supply Bid #02-16; (828 & a)



? Field Trips




1. GCHS Debate; (829)



? Requests From Various Organizations; (830)




1. Alfresco Productions


a. 1st Annual Bike Parade


b. Production of Nunsence


2. University of Illinois Extension


3. Two Rivers


4. Greater Madison County Federation of Labor;


Use of Facilities


5. GCSD #9 Athletics Summer Camps


6. Granite City Elks Lodge


7. Granite City Park District



? Gifts; (830)






? Accepted the following Retirements and Resignations:




Name Position Reason Effective


Ashley Riegert Title I Aide/Mitchell Resignation 05/07/2015



? Approved the following Leaves of Absence:




Name Position Reason Effective


Pamela Copeland Teacher Aide/Frohardt Medical 04/29/2015 – 05/30/2015


Rory Hayes Custodian/ECC Medical 05/06/2015 – 07/27/2015



? Accepted the following Extra-Curricular Resignations:




Name Position Effective


Ally Allen Head Cheer Coach/CJHS 5/27/2015


Gayla Bennett Student Council/CJHS 5/27/2015


Mike Dowdy Wrestling/CJHS 5/27/2015


Vince Willaredt Debate Coach/GCHS 5/27/2015



? Approved the following Elementary Club Sponsors:







Deborah LeVault IRP K-2 Sponsor


Karen Kocarnik IRP 3-4 Sponsor


Wendy Gunter Spelling Bee / Science Club Sponsor


Karla Schank Young Authors Sponsor


Claudia Cass Recycling Coordinator Sponsor


Michelle Myatt Character Ed/Student Council Sponsor






Kristin Laws IRP K-2 Sponsor


Sarah Fernandez IRP 3-4 Sponsor


Cara Embick Spelling Bee / Science Fair Sponsor


Kristin Laws Young Authors Sponsor


Cara Embick Recycling Coordinator Sponsor


Katherine Becker Character Ed / Student Council Sponsor






Ann Wilson IRP K-2 Sponsor


Jennifer Smith IRP 3-4 Sponsor


Angie West Spelling Bee / Science Fair Sponsor


Barbara Lambert Young Authors Sponsor


Shelley Ryan Recycling Coordinator Co-Sponsor


Jodi Blomme Recycling Coordinator Co-Sponsor


Kelly Fitzgerald Character Ed/Student Council Co-Sponsor


Genie Welch Character Ed/Student Council Co-Sponsor






Denise Stout IRP 3-4 Sponsor


Melissa Kimble Spelling Bee Sponsor


Tanya Kennedy Science Fair Sponsor


Laura Grote Young Authors Sponsor


Tanya Kennedy Recycling Coordinator Sponsor


Danya Artimisi Character Ed/Student Council Sponsor





Sherry Kennedy IRP K-2 Sponsor


Amy Cox IRP 3-4 Sponsor


Theresa Roberds Spelling Bee / Science Fair Sponsor


Christy Marana Young Authors Sponsor


Theresa Roberds Recycling Coordinator Sponsor


Carolyn Pirtle Character Ed / Student Council Co-Sponsor


Mary Voss Character Ed / Student Council Co-Sponsor






Teresa Meador IRP Sponsor


Krista Whittleman Science Fair Sponsor


Lori Wilson Recycling Coordinator Sponsor


Lori Wilson Yearbook Sponsor


Cindy Mefford Young Authors



? Approved the following Elementary 1st Quarter Duty:






Ann Marie Mayhall


Jennifer Meznarich


Kathy Neal


Erica Stone






Tiffany Boyd


Dawn Bruder


Kelly Gutierrez


Whitney Sykes






William Cochran


Paula McBride


Nancy Smallie


Genie Welch






Nita Creek


Barbara Lambert


Staci Melvin


Cathy Neidhardt






Angelique Dorris


Leah McFarland


Scott Schardan – Split Assignment


Debbie Vorce – Split Assignment


Kim Winter






Allison Bozarth – Split Assignment


Christy Marana


Patrick McBride


Bill Niepert


Debbie Vorce – Split Assignment



? Approved the following CJHS Club Sponsors:




Name Position


Krista Forrester Student Council Co- Sponsor


Samantha Rydgig Student Council Co - Sponsor


Chuck Noud Head Band Director


Josh Palmer Asst. Band Director


Cynthia Melton Newspaper Club Sponsor


Chuck Noud National Honor Society Sponsor



Terri Kunz Science Club Sponsor/7th Grade


Terri Kunz Science Club Sponsor/8th Grade




Terri Kunz Science Fair Sponsor


Mary Young Yearbook Sponsor



? Approved the following CJHS Coaches:




Name Position



Jeff Bladdick Head Football Coach/7th Grade




Greg Vaughn Head Girls Basketball Coach


Ted Wallace Head Boys Basketball Coach


Heather Williams Head Girls Volleyball Coach



? Approved the following CJHS Department Heads:




Name Position


Chuck Noud Head of Electives


Laura DeLuca Head of Language Arts


Jodie Jackels Head of Math


Samantha Rydgig Head of Science


Jennifer Relleke Head of Social Studies


Pam Allen Head of Special Education



? Approved the following ECC Department Heads:




Name Position


Marci Dodds Early Childhood Department Chair


Karen Hatch Lead Therapist


Ann Mayhall Speech and Language Department Chair



? Approved the following GCHS Department Heads:




Name Position


Denise Albrecht Math Department Chair


Stephanie Boyer Special Education Department Chair


Greg Garland Driver’s Education Department Chair


Brad Hasquin Physical Education Department Chair


Amy Heath Science Department Chair


Chris Hutchings English Department Chair


William Laycock Industrial Ed /Voc Department Chair John Manoogian Fine Arts Department Chair


Christie Moad Business Department Chair June Oney District Health Services Coordinator


Vince Willaredt Social Studies Department Chair


Open Guidance Department Chair



? Approved the following Certified and Classified Substitutes for the 2014-2015 school year:









Terry Stanley


Ricky Smelser


Stacy Pruett



? Approved the proposed change to the 2015-2016 school calendar to move the observation of our President’s Day holiday from the approved date of Friday, February 12, 2016 to Monday, February 15, 2016.






? Approved to allow any Board of Education member to be an alternate in the Policy Committee meetings in order to have a quorum. The order of alternates will be by officers first, then members by seniority.


? Approved the request to allow former Board of Education member, Ron Dillard, to present diplomas to two GCHS students at their graduation on May 27, 2015. The students are Bree Higgins and Nicole Weller.


? Adopted the Resolution to enter into an investment banking agreement with Stifel Nicolaus.


? Adopted the Resolution of Intent to issue, not to exceed, $5,200,000 of working cash fund bonds.


? Reviewed the following:


? Freedom of Information Act Report.


? District Activity Fund Statement for March 2015


Posted Date:5/14/2015