"At The Board" May 26, 2015











? Director of Secondary Education, Cindy Gagich, presented a certificate to GCHS Senior Kari Laub for getting an Associate of Arts Degree as well as an Associate of Science Degree through the SWIC dual credit "Running Start Program."


? Nikki Petrillo and GCHS student, Brianne Meyer, presented the Board with a senior art project as a thank you gift.


? The Board recognized the District Teacher Evaluation Design Team for their hard work and dedication; Denise Albrecht, Cindy Gagich, Krista Forrester, Patrick Curry, Cara Embick, Lisa Delaney, Lisa Smith, Kristen Novacich, Andrea Apperson, and Paula Hubbard.


? Approved the Minutes of the Regular Meeting of the Board of Education held on May 12, 2015.


? Approved the following consent agenda items:


? Treasurer’s Report from April; (839 & a)


? Bill List




1. Bill List from May 12, 2015; (840 & B1-B38)



? Requests From Various Organizations; (841)




1. Terri Kunz


2. Tree-House Productions Greater Madison County Federation of Labor;


Use of Facilities



? Gifts; (841)


? Approved the following Leaves of Absence:




Name Position Reason Effective


Carla McGinnis Physical Therapy Aide Medical 05/11/2015 – 08/03/2015



Cindy Mefford 6th Grade/Grigsby Medical 05/11/2015 – 05/29/2015




Pam Copeland TA/Frohardt Medical 04/29/2015 – 07/17/2015


Cory Ervay Executive Secretary Medical 05/29/2015 – 08/21/2015



? Accepted the following Extra-Curricular Resignations:




Name Position


Rich Skirball Jr Assistant Coolidge Track


Ted Wallace Assistant Football Coach / HS


Joe Saucier Assistant Football Coach / HS


Jake Janek Assistant Football Coach / HS


Chuck Noud Assistant Track Coach



? Rescinded the action of previous meetings on the following Elementary 1st quarter duty:


? Genie Welch, Mitchell Elementary School


? Approved the following Elementary 1st quarter duty:


? Karyn Topal, Mitchell Elementary School


? Approved the following Elementary Club Sponsors:




Name Position


Nancy Connolly IRP K,1,2/Mitchell


Nancy Connolly IRP 3,4/Mitchell


Kim Merz Recycling Coordinator/Mitchell


Kim Merz Spelling Bee/Science Club Sponsor/Mitchell


Jody Weatherly Young Authors Sponsor/Mitchell


Kate Becker Character Ed Sponsor/Mitchell


Laura Grote IRP K,1,2/Wilson


Carissa Keen Elementary Band Director


Dennis Meyer Elementary Band Director



? Approved the following CJHS Coaches:




Name Position


Adam Moore Head Cheerleading Coach/Coolidge


Nathan Rushing Head Wrestling Coach/Coolidge


Allen Kirgan Assistant Wrestling Coach/Coolidge


Brandon Owens Head Track Coach/Coolidge


Ted Wallace Head Football Coach/Coolidge



? Approved the following CJHS Club Sponsors:




Name Position


Terri Kunz Varsity Club Sponsor/Coolidge


Terri Kunz Young Authors Sponsor/Coolidge



? Approved the following GCHS Coaches:




Name Position


Taylor Ryan Head Soccer Cheerleading Coach/High School


Taylor Ryan Assistant Basketball Cheerleading Coach/High School



? Approved the following GCHS Club Sponsors:




Name Position


Wyatt Roberds Head Band Director/High School


Josh Palmer Assistant Band Director/High School


Paul Macios Book Club Sponsor/High School


John Boushard Building & Trades Coordinator/High School


Paul Macios CWT Coordinator/High School Co-Sponsor


Leigh Fanning CWT Coordinator/High School Co-Sponsor


Adrienne Johnson Empathy Sponsor/High School


Joi Svezia Foreign Language Club Sponsor/High School


Amy McQuiggan Individual Events Sponsor/High School


Andrew Crider Journalism Club Sponsor/High School


Amy Heath National Honor Society Sponsor/High School Co-Sponsor


Bill Puhse National Honor Society Sponsor/High School Co-Sponsor


Karen Greenwald Photography Club Sponsor/High School


John Manoogian Play 1 Sponsor/High School


John Manoogian Play 2 Sponsor/High School


John Manoogian Play 3 Sponsor/High School


Jaime Pamatot Scholar Bowl Team Sponsor


Shannon McBride Science Club Sponsor/High School


Linda Ames Student Council Sponsor/High School


John Manoogian Technical Director/High School


Andrew Crider Video Journalism Sponsor/High School


Mark Jones Vocational (VICA/Skills USA) Sponsor/High School


Vince Willaredt Social Studies Club Sponsor/High School


Tyler Sage Warrior Voices Sponsor/High School


Christie Moad Working Warriors Sponsor/High School


Amber Baileygaines Yearbook Sponsor/High School


Laura Sullivan Young Authors Club Sponsor/High School


Diane Peach English Academic Support Network- (Grant funded)


Amy Heath Science Academic Support Network- (Grant funded)



? Approved the following extra-curricular volunteers:




Name Position


Linda Ames Renaissance Sponsor


Amy Heath Renaissance Sponsor


Amber Baileygaines Renaissance Sponsor


Liz Cicio Renaissance Sponsor


Pam Cook Renaissance Sponsor


Andrew Crider Renaissance Sponsor


Cindy Desper Renaissance Sponsor


Sue Goedeke Renaissance Sponsor


Chris Harrison Renaissance Sponsor


Ginger Harrison Renaissance Sponsor


Ginny Henson Renaissance Sponsor


Chris Hutchings Renaissance Sponsor


Katie Lloyd Renaissance Sponsor


Sara Marin Renaissance Sponsor


Jamie Mihu Renaissance Sponsor


Stacie Miller Renaissance Sponsor


Christie Moad Renaissance Sponsor


Shannon McBride Renaissance Sponsor


Shawn Neville Renaissance Sponsor


Liz Niepert Renaissance Sponsor


Jamie Pamatot Renaissance Sponsor


Julie Schreiber Renaissance Sponsor


Joi Svezia Renaissance Sponsor


Liz Visintine Renaissance Sponsor


Chris Hutchings Hobby Club Sponsor


Josh Anderson Bass Fishing Club and Outdoor Club Sponsor



? Approved the salary, benefit, and leave adjustments for non-represented groups.






? Approved the employee discipline of a two day suspension without pay.


? Approved the following policies as recommended from the Policy Committee:


? 5 200 Terms and Conditions of Employment and Dismissal


? 6 280 AP4 Promotion and Retention of Students Adm Pro


? Approved the following Certified and Classified Substitutes for the 2015-2016 school year:







Lori Silva


Hyland Harris






? Approved the cost reduction plan package as follows:


? AEP Program $500,000.00


? SRO Coolidge $75,000.00


? Police at Board Meetings $3,400.00


? Discovery Education $41,000.00


? Reduce Admin Subs $10,000.00


? Weekend Extracurricular Events $15,000.00


? Professional Development $5,000.00


? Network Printing $20,000.00


? Police Radios $10,000.00


? Student Services Interventionist $30,000.00


? Non-Grant Funded Building Aides $7,500.00




(Kindergarten Aides) (One Hour Reduction)



? LatchKey Rent (Additional Potential Revenue) $50,000.00


? ICA Rent (Additional Potential Revenue) $4,800.00


? Increased Fees Clubs/Comp Teams (Additional Revenue) $4,500.00


? Reduction of one level of Boys football and basketball. $35,000.00




We will have a Freshman and Varsity Football Team and a Freshman, JV, Varsity Basketball Team. Combine Girls and Boys Track head coach. Will reduce supplies and materials budget.



? Cell Phone Savings for Building Custodians $1,500.00


? Fine Arts Supplies and Materials $5,000.00




Total Package Savings $817,700.00



? Approved the emergency HLS expenditure for the GCHS machine shop.


? Approved the engagement letter with Chapman and Cutler LLP to serve as bond counsel and disclosure counsel for the proposed working cash fund bonds and funding bonds.






? Adopted the resolution to approve the transfer of monies from the O&M fund to the Debt Service Fund to cover our Series 2003 A QZAB Debt Cert.


? Approved the notice of sale/open house for the building trades house located at 4808 Karen Drive.


? Adopted the resolution authorizing the Board to receive sealed bids for the building trades house located at 4808 Karen Drive.


? Approved to set the minimum bid for the building trades house located at 4808 Karen Drive at $213,500.00.


? Approved the following District Curriculum Committee recommendations:


? Create Accelerated Lang. Arts (7th & 8th grades)


? Re-align 6th, 7th, 8th grade science with NGSS


? Re-name GCHS Marching Band to have Varsity & JV Marching Band


? Approved the Executive Session Minutes of the Regular Meeting of the Board of Education held on May 12, 2015.


Posted Date:6/1/2015