Superintendent's Message Regarding the Early Childhood Program

Members of the Public,

Good Friday afternoon. I appreciate everyone's interest and concern for the Early Childhood Center and the greater good of our entire District. The Board of Education and Staff are diligently working toward a plan that we will recommend and vote on at the January 12, 2016, Board of Education meeting. As you remember, last April despite a valiant effort, the voters did not accept a tax referendum increase. We understand that and fully respect the decision by the voting public. We have made major transparent cuts the past few years which still allow us to provide an outstanding education for our children and a great extra-curricular program. We have no intention of compromising those services. We are one of the few public district's that offer a full fledged Pre-K program. Let me make one thing perfectly clear, that program will not be cut and will stay intact. Due to declining enrollment and being good stewards of civil fiscal responsibility, we will be restructuring the location of the Early Childhood Center and many of our buildings. This process will not cut programs and create a more effective, efficient operation of our school district. This message will also be posted on, please sign up if you are not a member. I will continue to communicate with you between now and the Board of Education meeting and I believe you will be pleasantly surprised, always putting the best interest of our children first.


Jim Greenwald
Superintendent of Schools

Posted Date:12/22/2015